Mortgages Over £1 million


As property prices in the South of England have rocketed over the last ten years - this has become a mainstay of many lenders.

Mortgages over 1 million South Coast

How popular are Mortgages Over £1 million?

There are no massive differences in the basics around income checks as well as the amount of the deposit required for a purchase. Suffice it to say - all lenders will be a 'little' more lenient with any more substantial amount. Rather bizarrely perhaps, the rates on offer are usually the lowest in the market - the higher the mortgage amount.

Surely Mortgages Over £1 million are just HNW Mortgages?

No - they are very similar - but they are not the same. You might be on £220,000 per year, for example, and may be eligible for a mortgage of £1 million - but then depending on your other assets - you may not qualify for an HNW Mortgage? Just remember - the regulations are entirely different for each mortgage - so you must start with the right one! Mortgages can be 'thrown-out' by any lender - and all that means is that their own underwriting committee has reviewed the application and has spotted something that is not right. When this happens - don't think you can simply put in a new application - you have to get it right first time.

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Should I be looking for Mortgages Over £1 million?

It will always depend on your annual income, the amount of your deposit and of course - if still possible - then the value of the property you are considering! Contact Bram Vis immediately and find out for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Yes. Bram Vis is a Mortgage Adviser for Julian Harris Mortgages Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 304155 Co No. 3927189.

What does a ‘Whole of Market’ advisor do?

A Whole of Market mortgage advisor is an impartial intermediary who acts solely in the interests of the mortgage borrower and not the lender. Unlike the High Street banks, Whole of Market advisors provide advice from products across more than one lender, offering a much wider choice. There are 3,000 mortgage products out there - what is the best one for you - ask Bram Vis.

How much Stamp Duty will I pay?

It depends. On what? On the value of your house that you are purchasing and your status as well. Remember it always depends on whether you are a) a 1st time buyer, or b) the property is

Where can I get more information?

Please visit our FAQ page here or contact Bram directly and/or get a confidential & professional call back from Bram here.

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