Securing the right mortgage

A mortgage is the most significant debt you will probably ever have. Professional advice that is bespoke to you - that is what you deserve. The lowest rate possible, the best term for you depending on your age, interest only or repayment, fixed or floating - an independent and experienced hand is what you need to choose the right mortgage for you.

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Are all mortgages the same?

No, they are not - one size does not fit all. The most significant and most obvious differences are the interest rates charged for different circumstances. I have got 1.23% per year for a client – but I have seen other people with 25% per year as well. It all depends on your circumstances and making sure that you are ‘mortgage ready' when you submit an application to a lender. You have to know the lending criteria as well as the lender- otherwise, you can be blown about like a leaf in the wind.

Are there mortgages for you?

Yes - of course. Whether for your primary residence, your holiday home, a Buy to Let investment or just an extra property there are mortgages out there just for you. A mortgage brokers job is to give you the best independent advice based on your circumstances. Even if you have a variety of income streams, or have a complicated financial history, you can expect a bespoke and professional service.

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How do you get the best mortgage?

There is no secret about this. Whether you are looking for a Buy-to-Let mortgage, a remortgage, a mortgage over £500k or the funds for a holiday home in France, the best way to start is with a 'whole of market' Mortgage Broker. Bram Vis will give you access to finance from private banks and high street lenders. The aim is to deliver a bespoke mortgage solution for you.


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