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If you think that you are High Net Worth (HNW) or perhaps Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) there are some brilliant rates out there and several lenders & banks who specialise in this.

High Net Worth Mortgages South Coast

What is High Net Worth?

There are a couple of definitions of HNW.
1. UK lenders definition – they say that if 1 of 2 things exist, you have to have either +£300,000 salary OR +£3 million in assets
2. USA definition is $1 million in liquid assets that is NOT your main home. Whatever the definition, HNW mortgages require specialist lending facilities.

What exactly are Ultra High Net Worth Mortgages?

There is no actual definition of UHNW - you must demonstrate more than the amounts mentioned above. The concept of Assets Under Management (AUM) has become more and more familiar as a way of reducing the interest rate charged to some clients. All that means is that instead of a deposit that must be found/borrowed - rather, a similar amount of money will be placed with the lender for a period of time so that they effectively 'hold' (invest) it on your behalf. The important thing is that they control it.

What is a High Net Worth Mortgage?

Most lenders in the UK do not offer HNW mortgages. Why? Because they have limits on the amounts that they want to lend? Some lenders as low as £500,000 and then most lenders will not lend over £1 million. However, there are plenty of lenders that do lend higher amounts as do plenty of private banks.

What kind of support does a Mortgage Broker offer me as a High Net Worth client?

You need a broker like Bram Vis who really understands what you want, has the relationships that you need with HNW lenders and have the support of all of the support services that are necessary to get this done.

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Why should I not seek a mortgage from my High Street bank?

On the whole, most High Street banks are not geared up to handle large mortgages. Sure - you can walk in off the High Street and see your local bank, but the level of professional support that is needed, the level of communication with possible employers, HMRC, solicitors, and valuers often makes the process complicated. Therefore is it not surprising that High Street lenders tend to shy away from these types of mortgages.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How will I choose the best mortgage for me?

One of the most difficult aspects of organising a mortgage is sorting through the hundreds/thousands of mortgage deals currently available. There are over 3,000 different mortgage products out there that are updated every day. To establish what is suitable for you it is important to take into account your current circumstances as well as your priorities and long term plans. ‘Different strokes for different folks’.

Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Yes. Bram Vis is a Mortgage Adviser for Julian Harris Mortgages Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 304155 Co No. 3927189.

How long should I take my mortgage out for?

The answer to this is simply down to what you can afford. What is most suitable for you in terms of the type of mortgage and exactly how long you can/should have it – it is important to have a chat with us and see what is the best option for you

Where can find more information?

Please visit our FAQ page here or contact Bram directly and/or get a confidential & professional call back from Bram here.

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