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Buildings Insurance will pay out enough money to rebuild your house entirely.

Buildings Insurance South Coast

Who determines the Buildings Insurance amount?

When you have a survey done (whichever survey you get) the value of your house will always be shown as well as the cost of rebuilding the property. This will not be the value of your property as this is a function of the price of the land AND what someone is prepared to pay for it - ONLY the cost of the rebuild of the bricks and mortar. Probably a bit less than you think.

Does Buildings Insurance just deal with the house?

No - if there was a fire - then the Buildings Insurance policy will always cover the cost to clear the land and make it possible to build on.

Do you need Buildings Insurance?

Absolutely - you never know what might happen to your house. This is arranged for every single client - just a little bit of peace of mind - some lenders insist upon it such they are even mentioned in the Buildings Insurance policy - call Bram Vis today and he can arrange.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can using a comparison website do the same job for me?

No. Of course, you would expect us to say no, but we do so with very good reason. Although these basic search engines can be useful for completing some initial self research, they can never be as sophisticated as the specialist whole of market search engines designed and used by any broker.

Am I obligated to buy my insurance through your firm?

Absolutely not. Although we offer the widest possible range of insurance, including building and contents cover through the UK’s leading insurers, there is no obligation on your part to arrange your cover through us. However, we would hope you would give us the opportunity of discussing and hopefully competitively matching all your insurance needs.

Do I need insurance/protection services with my Mortgage?

No you do not. Legally. However - many lenders will insist that when you take out a large debt, you should consider protecting it against the unthinkable like death or serious illness, even long term illness. Protecting the mortgage used to be a requirement by every lender – now it is optional. It is very sensible though – Term Assurance to protect your mortgage payments – Critical Illness Policies to protect against serious illness - there is also Buildings and Contents insurance to consider - again, many lenders may even insist it is in place as you move into your new home

Where can I get more information?

Please visit our FAQ page here or contact Bram directly and/or get a confidential & professional call back from Bram here.

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