Am I locked into my five year fixed rate mortgage, two years in?

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I signed up to a five year fixed rate term two years ago. I have had a perfect payment record - but there are some better rates out there now – am I locked into this?

Yes – basically. Are you locked into this mortgage so you cannot change? – no.
Are you locked into this mortgage because to get out of it you will be charged Early Redemption Penalties (ERPs)? Potentially. Getting a Fixed rate mortgage is great – because the rate tends to be low and is ‘fixed’ but it can be very expensive to get out of. Early Redemption periods can last 1-5 years, depending on the lender. Some High Street lenders currently charge as much as 5% of the mortgage sum if you want to change within five years. Brilliant rates on day 1 – but if you were thinking about moving house in 3 years – you need to be VERY careful. Please don’t underestimate this.


A fixed rate mortgage is achieved for £450,000 at 1.9% fixed for five years. That sounds pretty good. Then the client wants to move to a new house after three years. The ERPs are only 3% - pretty standard. So – there will be an additional fee of £13,500 to pay to move. This is when it pays to have expert advice.

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