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The most significant financial commitment that most people will take will be a mortgage. As an independent, whole-of-market Isle of Wight mortgage broker Bram Vis has access to the best deals in the market from the widest number of lenders possible and specialises in high-income professional applicants that expect him to go the extra mile for them. Shouldn't that be you?

Bram Vis | Your Independent Isle of Wight Mortgage Broker

Why choose an independent Isle of Wight mortgage broker?

As an independent Isle of Wight mortgage broker, backed by the Julian Harris Network, Bram Vis can offer you the expert professional advice you need and the professional high-end rates you crave. And because we understand how important good service is we'll do ALL the hard work for you! You can leave it all to us and put us on speed-dial for any time you need an update!

As whole-of-market, independent mortgage specialists we often have access to deals not available from any High Street lender or any online comparison service and sometimes we have deals not even available from your own bank or building society!

What kind of mortgages do we specialise in?

Any kind. Whether you need a straight-forward new home-buyer mortgage, a crazy-rate new remortgage or a specialist Buy-2-Let mortgage — Bram is most likely to be able to find you the very best mortgage rates and features possible for almost any kind of income scenario that you can imagine.

High Net Worth Mortgages? No problem. Interest-Only Low Rate Mortgages? Easy. Fixed Rate Mortgages and Remortgages? Done. Discounted Rate Mortgages, Offset Mortgages, Capped Rate Mortgages — Bram can advise on the best features and rates of all of them and help with any complicated professional incomes and directorships. Non-doms, expats and professional contractors income scenarios are all specialist areas that Bram has over twenty years experience handling.

Some of our best current mortgage deals for the Isle of Wight:*

Why get a 'whole of market' mortgage adviser?

Clearly, Bram Vis is a 'whole-of-market' specialist. If you were to go to a bank on the High Street they would be tied to only selling products from the bank in question. This is not the case with Bram Vis — he acts for you and you alone — and NOT the bank or any particular lender. To get the best choice in the market today — contact Bram Vis now.

What does an independent Isle of Wight mortgage broker Bram Vis offer me?

No situation will ever be too complicated, we can usually determine the likely best mortgage deal for you within 10-15 minutes of talking and obtain a proper decision in principle within 1-2 hours, longer for more complex, split professional incomes or asset-derived income scenarios.

Our Fees

We provide initial advice for free and without obligation. Only when you choose to proceed would we charge a fee of £295 and when your case completes a fee of 0.5% of the mortgage achieved. Get in touch and start the process today.


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